How to Edit Photos in the Lightroom App

The Lightroom App for iPhone is a great way to access and edit your photos. This powerful photo editing tool makes it easy to create stunning images and share them online. The App lets you manage your photography portfolio with a website. It also syncs with the desktop version of Lightroom CC. So you can work on your photos on your iPad, iPhone, and desktop computer.

Feature From The Lightroom App

Here Some Features from the Lightroom App:

Smart Previews in the Lightroom App

Smart Previews in the Lightroom App let you see a preview of your image without actually opening the original file. However, they are limited to medium-sized JPGs. This means that you’ll need to open your original file if you want to create a print-quality version of the image. In addition, you must have the original file connected to perform some Lightroom processes such as merging panorama files. However, you can always delete these previews if you don’t need them anymore.

Smart Previews can also be a big resource hog on your hard drive. Because they’re not rendered in the original file, they take up valuable space. Besides, they aren’t really necessary. There are other ways to view your images without using smart previews. You can use keyword searches, collections, and library filters to select specific images. In addition, you don’t have to use Smart Previews if you can access your original images.

Importing images from the camera roll

To import images from the camera roll into Lightroom, first select the folder in which you want to import them. This folder may be either an internal hard drive or an external USB drive. Once selected, the images will appear as thumbnails in the main screen of Lightroom. You can also choose to copy or move the files to a different location.

In the File Import Panel, you can backup imported files. It is also possible to rename imported files. If you want to name them differently, click on the ‘Custom naming’ option and enter custom text. You can also select the ‘Don’t Import Suspect Duplicates’ check box to avoid importing duplicate photos.

Editing RAW images

If you want to edit RAW images in Photoshop, you’ll want to check out the Lightroom App for Windows. It offers all the features you need and gives excellent results. Plus, the best part is that it’s free! There’s no subscription fee and you can try it for 14 days.

The app is built with a dedicated pre-processing workspace, which lets you fine-tune exposure, clarity, white balance, and shadows and highlights. And it’s compatible with the Apple Pencil, which lets you use the digital pen to edit your RAW images right from the app.

RAW image editing is not a magical process, and it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t always get the photo to look just like you saw it. However, you can always try to make it look closer to reality by bringing down highlights and drawing detail in shadows.

Sharing photos to the web

The Lightroom App provides a simple method for sharing photos to the web. Select an album, choose the “Share” option, and you’ll be presented with a variety of options. These options allow you to set up your web gallery to display photos in a variety of ways, including a slideshow, grid view, and detail view. You can also add text dividers to help tell a story with your photos. If you’d like, you can allow visitors to like and comment on each photo.

Once you’ve selected an album to share, you’ll see an Invite section, where you can choose to allow or deny people access to the photos. When the link is shared, it will have a default title and the time and date it was generated. You can also choose whether to share photos with metadata or without it, as well as what image size to send.

Adobe’s cloud-based service

Adobe’s new Lightroom CC app features cloud storage of up to 1TB, Sensei-powered search, and an updated layout for iPad users. In addition, the software is compatible with iOS 11’s Files app. Users will also be able to easily transfer edits between different devices.

The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription-based service is a comprehensive collection of desktop and mobile applications from Adobe. The service also includes Photoshop CC and Behance. It costs $50 per month for the standard plan, and $45 for each additional user. The basic plan offers 20GB of hosted storage.

Lightroom users can upload, organize, and edit their images with the cloud-based service. Lightroom CC also allows users to create customized galleries and share them with others. The service also has presets and editing sliders.