Social Media Management Apps

Social Media Management Apps Free – If you’re looking to automate your social media management process, there are some free apps available that make the task much easier. You can use Hootsuite, Circleboom, Missinglettr, Later, and Hootsuite to stay on top of your accounts and schedule posts. Hootsuite is great for managing your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. It allows you to schedule posts, upload photos, and follow mentions. It even includes a visual content calendar.

Social Media Management Apps

Here Social Media Management Apps which our recommendation:


Circleboom is one of the best social media management apps that help you automate your social media marketing strategy. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use even by beginners. Circleboom has a variety of publishing tools that help you create and schedule posts. It also includes separate Schedulers for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business. Another useful tool is the RSS feed feature, which lets you post content to your social media accounts automatically.

One of Circleboom’s greatest features is its ability to manage multiple social media accounts. It supports up to 100 accounts. The software also includes Canva, Unsplash, Giphy, and Google Business Profile integrations. All of these integrations make it easy to manage all of your accounts and manage content in one central place. You can also find and curate related content and use the app’s post templates and design tools to keep your posts up-to-date.


Missinglettr is a free social media management application that allows you to curate content, schedule posts, and track your audience’s reaction to your posts. It also has a calendar that helps you to determine the optimal posting times. You can also purchase add-ons for advanced social media management, including the Missinglettr Agency add-on, which is designed for agencies. It includes unlimited workspaces, up to 25 social profiles, and up to 10,000 scheduled posts. In addition, it also has an option for you to invite clients to review your content.

Another feature of Missinglettr is its ability to automatically schedule blog posts, which means that you can write and publish them on the social media sites without having to write them manually. You can even create branded content to drive more clicks and traffic to your blog. This free app works with most major social networks, including Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The app also offers a free plan, which allows you to create one workspace and connect to one social media page. You can schedule as many posts as you want, and you can even invite clients to participate.


If you’re looking for a free social media management app, Later is worth considering. Its features include a media library and a feed planner. It also allows you to upload an image before posting. This can save you time and allows you to add text to your images if you want to.

The free plan emphasizes Instagram functionality and video scheduling, while its paid plan adds features for LinkedIn bio posting and Instagram analytics. The free plan also allows you to post up to 30 times a month to each platform, and you can upload up to 50 photos to the Later Media Library each month. Later offers basic analytics for Instagram, and you can preview your feed before publishing content.


If you’re looking for social media management apps that can automate your social media posting, Hootsuite is the tool for you. This platform allows you to set different levels of access for different members of your team, as well as customize your social streams to monitor specific types of content. For example, you can use customized streams to monitor new followers and mentions, as well as search terms, hashtags, and engagement. Moreover, you can exclude posts based on specific keywords or post types. This feature helps you target specific audiences and avoid posting negative comments.

While using Hootsuite, you can post directly to different social profiles and schedule posts in advance. The free version allows you to manage up to two social profiles, while the paid version allows you to manage more than a dozen. The paid version is available in a range of features, and you can try it out for 30 days for free to see how it works for your business.

Sprout Social

The analytics module in Sprout Social is powerful, and it provides a complete picture of your social media content. Depending on which plan you choose, it can report on post-level interactions as well as group and profile-level engagements. The paid plan is more robust, but is likely out of the price range for small businesses.

In addition to basic reporting, Sprout Social allows you to compare your social media marketing strategy with your competitors. It also identifies trending topics, so you can adapt your content calendar. There are three plans to choose from, and all of them have their own benefits.


If you want to create great content to share on social media, you should download Tailwind. This social media management app lets you schedule posts both manually and automatically. It also offers an innovative feature called SmartRecommendations, which generates suggestions for your posts based on the most popular social media users. Another feature is the option to cross-post your posts to several social media networks at once. The software also allows you to customize font styles and emojis.

Tailwind is a social media management app for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. It helps you schedule posts and gives you suggestions for hashtags. It also helps you expand your contact list with social influencers. In addition, you can use Tailwind to streamline multiple Pinterest pins with just one click.